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# Statistics
A project designed to generate statistics about my email and commit and pipelines history at NSD.
## How to use
This project was put together quickly and should generally be used by firing up a Clojure REPL and evaluating code.
The `src/statistics/core.clj` namespace contains the primary code to generate statistics.
### Email files
To generate statistics about emails you should probably download a copy of your mail from University of Bergen's email server.
The simplest way to do this is to log into `` using your Sebra account and copying all the mailbox files into your home directory.
You want to copy the following files:
- `ls ~/mail`
- `echo $MAIL`
Then simply make a compressed tar archive of the files and use scp to copy them to your local development machine.
The email library used in the code only reads the first email in a mailbox file so we need to split them into one mail per mailbox file.
This can be achieved using the `mb2md` command which converts Mbox mailboxes to Maildir format.
### GitLab API
To generate statistics over GitLab commits and pipelines you need to access the API.
For this you need to generate a [GitLab API token]( with the `api` scope.
This token can then be inserted into `./resources/gitlab-token` under this project folder and be slurped by the code.
Do whatever you want!
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