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......@@ -7,14 +7,20 @@ INSTALLATION
1. install gtk+
in Windows
If you have already installed a gtk envinronment (such as, gtksharp), it's better to uninstall it. You have to setup PATH correctly as well.
2. install R and Rstudio
3. install dependent packages:
- Install R from, following the given instructions in the webpage.
- If having no GTK+ environment in windows, GTK+ has to be installed . Download GTK+ from ( ), download gtk+-bundle into local file system, for example c:/gtk, and setup bin - of GTK+ in PATH environment.
- Open R console
- install.packages(‘sdcMicro’)
- install.packages("/path/to/", repos=NULL) or install it over http install.packages("sdcMicroGUI", repos="")
- library(sdcMicroGUI)
- sdcGUI()
sdcMicro, gWidgetsRGtk2, RGtk2, cairoDevice
2. install R and Rstudio
4. Build sdcMicroGUI via RStudio menu-->Build-->Build and Reload.
- INSTALL GTK+ environment for building sdcMicroGUI, see Step 2 in the following installation
- clong sdcMicroGUI from
- open project file from RStudio
- Build sdcMicroGUI via RStudio menu-->Build-->Build and Reload.
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