Commit 2827b3f8 authored by Sigbjørn Revheim's avatar Sigbjørn Revheim
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Rewrote some the test for egen to parse expressions instead of calling internal functions

parent be97b39e
......@@ -33,13 +33,13 @@
(defn function-lookup [& args]
(let [canonical (get function-mapping (first args))]
{:Function (or canonical (first args))
{"$type" "FunctionCallExpression"
:Function (or canonical (first args))
:Arguments (map-indexed
(fn [i arg] {:ArgumentName (str "EXP" (inc i))
:ArgumentValue arg})
(rest args)
:IsSdtlName (some? canonical)
"$type" "FunctionCallExpression"}
:IsSdtlName (some? canonical)}
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