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improved test page a bit

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......@@ -23,10 +23,10 @@
[:h1 "STATA Interpreter Test Page"]
[:form {:action "test" :method "POST"}
[:p [:h3 "Type variable names here"]]
[:p [:textarea {:name "variables" :rows 10 :cols 18} (if variables (generate-string variables))]]
[:p [:h3 "Type some STATA here"]]
[:p [:textarea {:name "stata" :rows 30 :cols 120} (if stata stata)]]
[:p [:h3 "Datafile varible metadata:"]]
[:p [:textarea {:name "variables" :rows 10 :cols 90 :placeholder "[{\"input_file_name\":\"foo\",\"variables\":\"V1 V2 V3\"}]"} (if variables (generate-string variables))]]
[:p [:h3 "Stata script"]]
[:p [:textarea {:name "stata" :rows 30 :cols 120 :placeholder "use foo"} (if stata stata)]]
[:p [:input {:type "submit"}]]
(if vtl [:pre vtl])
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