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Fixed an error in web.xml and added license and readme to go with the package....

Fixed an error in web.xml and added license and readme to go with the package. Note that these files must be added to the package manually.
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License Agreement
Nesstar OAI-PMH Server
This license is a legally binding agreement between you and Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) about the use of Nesstar OAI-PMH Server.
These terms also apply to any updates or patches supplied for Nesstar OAI-PMH Server by NSD.
By using this software you are agreeing to these terms. If you do not accept them, do not use the software.
The software is supplied “as is”. NSD is in no way liable for any damage following the use of the software.
1. Background
The software is released to the public as freeware under the terms defined in this license agreement.
NSD holds all rights to the software, which is defined in more detail below, and by being a party to this agreement you are granted the right to use the software in the manner which is stated below.
2. Acceptance of the License
By using the software you accept the terms and conditions to apply for the use of the software.
3. Rights and Duties of the License
You are granted a non-exclusive, limited right to use and to install the software for own use and in accordance with the provisions below. You are allowed to install any number of copies on any number of devices.
4. Reproduction of Copies
You are allowed to redistribute the software and its documentation to third party. Renting, leasing, selling the software is not allowed.
5. Using and Modifying the Software
You are not allowed to reproduce source code, decompile, disassemble, or in other ways reverse engineer the software.
You are not allowed to work around any technical limitations in the software.
You only have the right to change and/or adapt the software with written consent from NSD to apply such changes and this takes place in accordance with mandatory statutory provisions. This also applies to modifying, integrating, adapting etc of the software.
In addition, you do not have the right to reproduce source code (e.g. by decompilation) of the software when this is necessary in order to obtain the information necessary to achieve the interoperability of the software with other programs, if the information necessary to achieve interoperability has not previously been readily available to you. The information you obtain shall not be used for purposes other than to make possible the interoperability of the software with other programs, be given to third party, except when this is necessary to make possible the interoperability, or be used for the development, production or marketing of a computer program substantially similar to the software, or for any other act which infringes copyright in the software.
6. Right of Use of Documentation and Other
You are granted the right to use and redistribute any documentation distributed with the software.
You can, at your own responsibility, make the changes, additions etc to the documentation for your own use which you consider as expedient. You are only allowed to distribute modified documentation with the written consent from NSD.
7. Support
Because this software is provided “as is” NSD does not provide support services for it.
8. Intellectual Property Rights
This license agreement does not involve any transfer of NSD’s intellectual property rights for the software, only a limited right for you to use and distribute copies of the software in accordance with Clause 3 above. NSD reserves all rights to the software not expressly granted to you in writing.
NSD’s rights to the software, documentation or other materials which you may have received from NSD, are protected by Norwegian Law (including alter alia, the Norwegian Copyright Act, the Design Act, the Marketing Control Act, and Trade Marks Act) and by international conventions.
9. Limitation of Liability
The software is supplied “as is” without any other rights or warranties, directly or indirectly, including warranties for saleability, usefulness for a particular purpose and the like. You bear the total risk of using the software. Under no circumstances is NSD liable for indirect, special or coincidental damage which occurs as a result of the use of, or lack of performance of the software.
The above-mentioned includes, however is not limited to, damage or expenses related to lost earnings, business, goodwill, data or other software.
10. Termination of the Agreement
The agreement can be terminated with immediate effect subsequent to notification from NSD if you significantly violate the terms and such a violation can not be remedied within 30 days after notification of this from NSD. Significant violation is deemed any violation of the provisions of the agreement for right of use pursuant to Clause 3, modifying the software pursuant to Clause 5, and intellectual property rights pursuant to Clause 8.
11. Governing Law and Legal Venue
Disputes pursuant to the agreement shall be settled in accordance with Norwegian law with Bergen Municipal Court as the legal venue.
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=== Exposing Nesstar Metadata for Harvesting With OAI-PMH ===
Nesstar now supports the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. A new
stand alone component allows server administrators to expose a server's metadata for harvesting
by others.
OAI-PMH is a standard protocol designed to make it simpler for data providers to open up
their repositories and for service providers to harvest metadata. The protocol uses XML over HTTP
and supports Dublin Core and DDI 1.2.
=== Getting Started With Nesstar OAI-PMH Server ===
All you have to do to get the Nesstar OAI-PMH server up and running, is to follow a few simple
The server can be installed in Tomcat or in an existing Nesstar server.
* Download and unzip the package
* In the package, edit the file WEB-INF/ and fill in these values:
* email.administrator: a comma-separated list of repository administrators.
* url.serverBase: The URL this OAI-PMH server will be reachable at.
* url.serverToDisseminate: The hostname of the server you wish to disseminate using OAI-PMH.
Note that this doesn't have to be the same server as the one you're installing into.
* url.serverToDisseminate.port: The port the disseminated server runs at. Usually port 80.
* Install it in your favourite application server.
To install it in Nesstar, copy the app to <Nesstar root>/jboss/server/default/deploy/
and restart Nesstar.
* The server should be available at http://<your-servers-hostname>/oai-pmh
== Known issues ==
* For Dublin Core metadata, the 'relation' field is not yet implemented, and the language field
defaults to English (en).
* When disseminating Nesstar servers with many datasets (50+) the Identify command may run slowly.
This is due to missing caching of the date of the oldest study.
* OAI identifiers are not yet implemented. Use Nesstar's own IDs when querying specific datasets.
These issues will be worked out in a later version.
This software is a beta version and bugs are likely to exist. Please send any bug reports, errors,
annoyances, etc to
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<description>Initializes the OAI PMH environment</description>
<display-name>OAI PMH init</display-name>
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