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documentation for command ci completed.

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......@@ -173,24 +173,24 @@ function CommandExecutor() {
"ci": {
"parameters": "[regvarlist]",
"shortDescription": "Displays register variables.",
"description": "The command variables displays register variables along with their metadata. When a regvarlist is specified metadata for them is displayed.",
"syntax": "variables [regvarlist]",
"parameters": "varlist [, options]",
"shortDescription": "Displays confidence intervals and standard errors for the variables.",
"description": "The command ci displays standard errors and confidence intervals for each of the variables in varlist.",
"syntax": "ci varlist [, options]",
"examples": [
"example": "variables",
"description": "Displays all register variables along with their metadata."
"example": "ci income2004",
"description": "Displays confidence intervals with default level set at 95% and standard errors for the variable income2004."
"example": "variables F_REHAB_INNV_GRAD UTVALG_WLONN",
"description": "Displays metadata for the specified register variables."
"example": "ci income2004 income2003 , level(90)",
"description": "Displays confidence intervals with level set at 90% and standard errors for the variable income2004 and income2003"
"options" : {
"level" : {
"shortDescription" : "asdcsdc",
"description" : "dfvdfvdfv"
"level(#)" : {
"shortDescription" : "set confidence level; default is level(95)",
"description" : "specifies the confidence level, as a percentage, for confidence intervals. The default is set at 95% and can be set to desired via this."
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