Add tests for verifying token expiry

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......@@ -5,7 +5,8 @@
[taoensso.timbre :as timbre]
[ :as cljlog]
[ :refer [resource]]
[clojure.test :refer [deftest testing is]]))
[clojure.test :refer [deftest testing is]])
(:import (java.time ZoneId ZonedDateTime)))
;; Effectively turn of logging in test
(def timbre-config {:level :fatal})
......@@ -101,6 +102,19 @@ vLu9XxKFHYlWPccluz3pqDfaGNPO12968DAldwvAV6hTGgx7oMaNPu0UltgD/aaj
(is (= (clj-jwt/unsign (resource "jwks.json") signed-jwt)
(testing "Verify token is not expired"
(let [payload {:sub "jalla" :exp (-> (ZonedDateTime/now (ZoneId/of "UTC")) (.plusHours 1) (.toEpochSecond))}]
(is (= (->> payload
(clj-jwt/sign (resource "jwks.json") "test-key")
(clj-jwt/unsign (resource "jwks.json")))
(testing "Verify token is expired"
(let [payload {:sub "jalla" :exp (-> (ZonedDateTime/now (ZoneId/of "UTC")) (.minusHours 1) (.toEpochSecond))}]
(is (thrown? Exception (->> payload
(clj-jwt/sign (resource "jwks.json") "test-key")
(clj-jwt/unsign (resource "jwks.json")))))))
(testing "Fails if key referenced in jwt head is not found"
(is (thrown? Exception
(clj-jwt/unsign (resource "jwks-other.json") signed-jwt)))))
......@@ -117,4 +131,3 @@ vLu9XxKFHYlWPccluz3pqDfaGNPO12968DAldwvAV6hTGgx7oMaNPu0UltgD/aaj
{:sub "foo"})))
(testing "Fails if given key-id not in jwks resource"
(is (thrown? Exception (clj-jwt/sign (resource "jwks.json") "no-such-key" {:sub "foo"})))))
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